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A Mets Fan Braces Himself for Meaningful Baseball, or, Thoughts & Lists for the 2015 MLB Postseason

October 6, 2015

The past few springs, I’ve intended to write a post with the title (or subtitle) “On Being a Mets Fan in [YEAR].” Each year, the details change a little bit, but the tone remained the same: hopeful for a small step forward, general disgust with ownership, and relief that baseball, the first True Sign of Spring, means that I survived another winter. “On Being a Mets Fan in 2015” would have involved me hoping that this team reminded me of the 2005 Mets: a generally likable club on the brink of getting good. At best, I hoped the Mets could bridge the gap to a competitive run next year and, maybe, end up in the Wild Card game.

Then this year went insane. I won’t run through all of it, but the highlights: a big winning streak early on, six weeks of being the worst team in baseball, injuries abound, and one of the strangest weeks for a professional sports team and its fans. This doesn’t even get into the #LOLMETS stuff that permeated the year. I can’t remember loving a baseball season more than I have this year.

Somehow, hours away from the beginning of the playoffs, the Mets season isn’t over. In fact, it’s on pause until late Friday night, where two of the three best pitchers in the National League await them. I don’t know how I’m going to make it until then. In any case, I’m ready to be heartbroken.


Last year, on the eve of the playoffs, I wrote a series of lists that were way, way off. I’m going to do some of them again, but I’m not posting a list of rooting preferences because deep down it turns out I’m superstitious. I’ll do the Mets related ones once their season ends, too. For now, here are my award predictions:

American League:

  • MVP: Josh Donaldson (although I think Mike Trout probably deserves it).
  • Cy Young: David Price (I think getting traded to a contender tips the vote away from Dallas Keuchel, also deserving of the award.)
  • Rookie of the Year: Carlos Correa (although I think Fransisco Lindor is deserving too, I think Houston’s playoff bid makes it the tipping point.)
  • Manager of the Year: Jeff Banister

National League:

  • MVP: Bryce Harper
  • Cy Young: Jake Arrieta (for recency bias, over Zach Greinke, although a recent episode of Effectively Wild argued that Kershaw was still better than both.)
  • Rookie of the Year: Kris Bryant
  • Manager of the Year: Joe Maddon

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