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Of Interest: ?uestlove’s Moving Tribute to Don Cornelius

February 2, 2012

LINK: “Brand New Bag: Questlove on Don Cornelius” on Okayplayer

I feel guilty that my immediate thought after seeing the news of Soul Train creator Don Cornelius’ death was for ?uestlove. I knew that Cornelius meant a lot to ?uestlove, but this post from this afternoon framed Cornelius’ death as something bigger than the passing of a television producer. Written this afternoon while still reacting to the news, ?uestlove’s piece pays tribute to Cornelius’ signature creation and the role it played in the basic musical education of one of the most gifted drummers, producers, and amateur historians in contemporary music. I expected this, but I was especially moved by the way ?uestlove spoke of how he (literally!) carries Soul Train with him everywhere he goes.

?uestlove also describes Cornelius’ impact beyond music, both in a larger cultural context and as a personal inspiration. He called him the second most “crucial non political figure to emerge from the civil rights era post ’68” next to Motown Records’ Berry Gordy, and writes at length about the way Cornelius and Soul Train shaped his identity and philosophy to this day.

I’m restricting myself to just one quote from his post because the whole thing is worth your attention. Once you finish reading that, feel free to browse ?uestlove’s Celebrity Stories, one of the most fascinating and entertaining time sucks (and beware, you can easily lose an entire hour or more clicking through all of them) on the internet.


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