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Links: On “Up in the Dark” and “Biomusicology”

August 18, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday night, I wrote a couple of posts for Some Songs Considered, my mostly dormant music blog. The first was on the New Pornographers’ “Up in the Dark” being one of Carl Newman’s best songs (particularly lyrically). The second was on Ted Leo’s demo recording of “Biomusicology,” one of my favorite Ted Leo / Pharmacists songs.

I also realized that during my long gap of not posting in this blog, I didn’t link to my stint writing about Ted Leo and the Pharmacists for One Week / One Band. The concept of the site is that a different writer spends a week writing about a band, and it was a lot of fun to over-immerse myself in the last few Ted Leo albums. You can read all of my posts here, and the list of contributors and bands covered is here. It’s an excellent site with a ton of excellent contributors, and I recommend just subscribing to the whole thing.

(Another music post is coming later today or tomorrow)


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