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August 16, 2011

You probably know this type of post – the one that glosses over a hiatus, or apologizes for a lack of posts, or whatever. I’ll spare you from most of it by just saying that a lot of things have happened in the last month (good things, like moving to Boston!). I generally fell into two categories – either I wanted to write but couldn’t write, or I just didn’t feel like writing.

Anyway, that all goes against the purpose of this blog, so I’m back for another try. Tonight (it’s late), this little mea culpa goes up, and tomorrow the longer one I’m working on goes live. Hopefully after that, updates will come even if they are short-to-moderate, but hopefully a few times a week.

Also, you may have noticed the domain change. Fancy! It also means that you can email me, with the address being “blog-at-bwall05-dot-com.”


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