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Words for the Week (Video Edition) – 14 March 2011

March 14, 2011

In what may become a recurring feature, these are some things that I read or thought about that resonate with me this week. Sometimes they’re connected, sometimes they’re reflections of my mood, and sometimes they are just things that I thought sounded nice.

This week, in lieu of quotes, I share three videos related to daylight savings time returning in the States.

The first is a riff from comedian Paul F. Tompkins on the over-exaggerated reactions people have to daylight savings time. I’ve certainly been guilty of this in the past, although I will say that other than gradually having to fix clocks throughout the day, I think I handled the transition pretty well.  (Via ShareBro David)

The second and third are songs that I’ve thought of over the past two days. Both come from a mangling of “daylight savings time” and the lyrics of each song. The first is the Get Up Kids’ “Central Standard Time,” which I assume jumped into my head because it talks about time zones? What it really shows it that I don’t need much prompting to get this song stuck in my head.

And the third is a little stranger because it’s a song I haven’t heard in years. Somehow, though, the line “Daylight fading / come and waste another year” jumped into my head this morning. Well, to be honest, it was the word “daylight savings” sung to the same melody – this song (and the Get Up Kids song too) is a song I imagine taking place in the fall and not the incrementally lighter days in the spring. Anyway, here’s the song unearthed from deep in my consciousness.

Maybe it was the unexpected darkness I met this morning after a few weeks of being spoiled by 6:00 AM daylight that made me think of these things. Who knows.  Have a good week!

  1. I wrote a blog post about Central Standard Time once in a very long time ago

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