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Why WordPress / Why Now?

March 7, 2011

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself with the urge to write. I hasn’t always come with a venue, a subject, or an occasion, which makes me think that I miss the act of writing. I wrote regularly (just about every day) for the better part of a year and a half before falling out of the habit.

I already have more than enough places to write – a currently dormant music blog, a Twitter page, a personal Tumblr, and many partially used notebooks – but none felt write. I even have an old WordPress blog that I could revive except that it feels like an entirely different person wrote much of that (read: I’m a more confident writer now and am content without that back catalog.

So here’s why I’m here:

  1. The desire to write regularly – not necessarily to produce volumes or even things of major consequence, but rather to get ideas out of my head and staring back at me.
  2. The need for a generic forum – I referred to my music blog as dormant and not dead because I imagine going back to it at some point, either intermittently or regularly. The problem is that the things I’ve had the interest in writing about haven’ t been songs. Some are music related (specifically my listening habits at large), and others have nothing to do with music! So I needed a place to put things that aren’t necessarily related to one another.
  3. I want “an island” – I love Twitter and Tumblr (with one reservation), but my use of those sites has become more conversational. I’m more likely to reply to someone else in Tumblr than to write my own these days, and I’ve been finding both sites more useful for shorter thoughts and link sharing. Having a blog outside of a social network in a way makes me focus on my thoughts rather than keeping up with a dashboard.
  4. I wanted to get caught up on WordPress again – since I regularly used WordPress a few years ago, the service has grown in leaps and bounds. This seemed like a good excuse to have a sandbox where I could play around with the new features. This combined with Tumblr’s ongoing stability issues made it a nobrainer.

As for the content, I have a few thoughts for semi-regular things that, if n0thing else, will at least give me things to keep writing about. Otherwise, I’m not really sure yet.  I can imagine that it will come in spurts, so perhaps you should subscribe to the feed rather than rely on coming back to the site. I’ll try to link to relevant things elsewhere.

In general, I’m planning on figuring things out along the way. So we’ll see!


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